Visual Arts

In this activity I learned different types of art forms. We did woodcut print, pottery, maintaining drawing book and installation of artwork. I did pottery first time in my life and it was a new experience but I could not make a proper pot because of time limit, so next time I would really like to make a proper pot. My favorite form of art work was woodcut print and i enjoyed the most. Maintaining drawing book was little boring because I was not too good in drawing and sketching.  

I identify my strength that I am good at woodcut print and pursuing this form of art form can give me fast results to me but as I am weak in drawing and sketching I should work on it.

While learning many art forms I developed many art skills and I got to know that there is nothing like a bad or a good drawing. Whatever you feel like drawing draw it.

I was committed to the activity. I never missed a single class and also because I loved going for the visual arts class. Also by maintaining the drawing book I was committed to the work.

The installation of artwork was an group work. If I would be the only one doing the installation alone could have took my most of the time and would also be hard for me. It could also get boring if I would have done it alone.

IMG_20160316_100131                  WIN_20160316_10_20_44_Pro

The woodcut project I planned myself and I started working on it. The hard part was to draw the picture first on wood and then carving. Carving details was more hard.   

The ethical implication is to not copy someone else’s work or idea and taking credits for it. Maintaining academics honesty.

I think, I made a good decision participation in this activity because I learned many form of art and I also did them practically. The activity was effective. What we planned to do in the whole year, we almost covered every thing. The activity was valuable because I can make art as my hobby in future or else it will help me in drawing like chart making and etc.

IMG_20160316_104131                                    IMG_20160316_104100

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