Flash mob

In this activity, I had to make flashcards and the charts on Education for all, Religion and Cast, Girl Child for the team to can way the message to the audience. I am not very good at making charts and me also never liked to make chats also but this is the first time that I made charts for the activity myself. It was not that hard and boring to make charts that  got to know and I thought that it was fun for the first time. The drawing and sketching part I loved the most but I also had to do the writing part.

I identity that making a chart is not so hard that I use to think but I have to work on the handwriting part a little because that took a most of the time to write in good handwriting. Would have been easier and faster to make charts.

I took the challenge of making charts, that also for the mass audience that was going to see my charts, so I had to make big and clear fonts on the charts.

Flash mob was a team effort and in chart making also I had my friend as a partner. Who sometimes gave me ideas was to make charts and also helped me correct my mistakes on the charts. Also being a part of a team I did not only have the job of making charts but while the show was happening I had help, my team with the little things here and there. The activity was successful because of the collaborative work.

Our aim was to make people aware about educating children and this was the issue for global significant. In our team activity, we also had uneducated students, so people can connect to our activity and aim easily.

I only had limited time for making the charts, so therefore, I had to be committed to my work. I proactively submitted my charts to the team. They were happy with my work and accepted the charts.

Participation in this activity made me feel good that I am making some difference in the society for education. The value for the activity for me was that we are getting a stage where we can convey the message of educating children to all. The activity was effective. Many people saw our work and donated money also to the children’s for education. I learned that making small steps to a problem can really make a difference in the society.  

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