I went to this district chess competition out of the school and if I get selected in top six players I can go to state level chess competition, so this competition was important to me. I was little bit worried that I have not got that much practice that I need but I was confident that I would win this match because i already won twice. This time it was under 17, so that was worrying me more. The place where this competition was going to be happen was to far from our school, so it was boring and time wasting.

As this was not my first chess tournament but for the first time I was in a different category therefore its was a challenging tournament for me. I started practicing for my competition from the month before. My visualization skill were weak and also pattern recognition, So i worked on this skills to improve and I was committed to play chess every day. I knew my strength that I was good in calculation moves.
Participating in this activity made me feel good because I won the competition and got selected for states. This activity meant to me a lot because this was a chance for me to go for states and also for other people. This competition only comes in a year, so this competition was valuable for me. I learned that never be more overconfident and to never lose hope of winning.

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