This was my first experience of doing a dance performance.My friends planned this activity and I participated in it . The aim of this activity was to spread awareness about various Global issues and spreading awareness about the importance of our indian festivals. We planned to do a dance performance followed by drama along with posters and flashcard giving clear message about the disease or problems  people  face in life.Which helped us to achieve our aim.


We performed at three different occasions  :

  1. Janmashtami(VR mall)
  • Here we performed a dance on lord krishna’s song followed by a skit on women empowerment.
  1. Teacher’s day(VR mall)
  • Here we performed a dance to attract people followed by a skit on appling people to donate organs.
  1. The garba fest ( in school) .
  • Here we performed a dance on famous various songs.


This was really important for me as it gave me confidence to perform in front of such a large audience.While doing this activity I was able to learn new dance forms like we did hip hop, garba we also did contemporary. As this was my first time it was very challenging for me to perform in such a large audience and also the training which we undergo was a tough job for me.


While doing this activity I found that I was not  able perform dance steps properly  as dancing was one of my weakness and was out of my comfort zone however after the performance it’s no longer like that as now I’ve gained more confidence to perform and also have improved on my stamina in doing such tiring jobs which has now become my strength in doing various things.And also this activity required a lot of commitment and perseverance as learning a new form of dance is not an easy task.I suffered a lot through this training phases as i’am not a regular dancer I got a lot of injuries while training.


This activity also  required a lot of collaboration as it was a group performance and so if  anybody does a single step wrong the whole group suffered and so we paid lot of attention on this thing.And also we paid a lot of attention on ethics while we were planning for drama. So we created such script in which we don’t hurt any sentiments of people’s religion ,cast ,creed ,etc and still make the message loud and clear. In our dramas we talked about women empowerment, importance of organ donation etc. At the end the event was successful enough and also the experience was a major learning for life.

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