This was my first experience of planning an event  for grade 11 and grade 12 students of our school .This event was for awaring people about the importance of hindi language.In this event there were three activities:

    • Arre Bhai Kehna Kya Chahte Ho?(One person from each team acts out a given song – (1 minute per song).2 songs will be given per team. 20 points for each right guess)
    • .Yeh Konsa Dialogue?(  Each time will be shown an incomplete dialogue. They need to come up with the complete dialogue. )


  • 7-min Ka Jalwa (Both the teams are supposed to entertain the crowd to the maximum. Each team will be given 10 dares they need to fulfil in their performance.)



This was an event organised by our teachers but was planned and carried out by me ,abhishek and our sub -leaders.First of all we planned the activities which we were going to include in the event then we appointed sub-leaders for planning the activities which we decided.The planning of the above mentioned activity were  very challenging for me as I was required to co-ordinate with the teachers as well as with our sub-leaders as to  inform them about the criteria  ,collect all the resources required etc.The jobs which I was asked to handle was too much for me which made my activity more tough.I was also able to identify my strengths and weakness as I was handling  the assembly  jobs along  with  my other jobs .Then I was also able to develope the skill of working planning an event  collaboratively as this event was totally dependent upon collaboration . My toughest challenge in the whole activity was to show commitment towards my work  which I think I did very well .And also the main aim  of the whole event was to inform/aware  people about the importance of hindi language ,its role in our life etc.


Also while planning and conducting the activities we specially took care of the ethics involved in this activity as we decided upon ,that while conducting the activity we will not any person , religion,cast. The most difficult task of the whole event was to control the students and as a member of the organising committee we faced a lot of problems ,but  somehow  we managed that by either setting certain rules or by taking strict steps.In the end we can say that the activity was very successful. Everybody who came over there enjoyed the activity and also me and my team got appreciation from our teachers and friends. Although the planning of the  activity was quite stressful but at the end it was good to see that we made it .And also the best part of the experience was seeing rich smile on the faces of friends while the activity was going on and also watch the activity move on smoothly and firmly as we expected it to be.

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