Cas Reflection Gym

On 3rd September, 2015 I decided to start going to gym for personal fitness. Going to gym was an activity that I wanted to do from a long time, but never had the commitment to do so, until 3rd September. I decided to regularly exercise at my school gym for four months from then.

The biggest trouble I faced in this activity was waking up early to go to gym in school. I started getting less sleep because of this. At that moment I really wanted to quit this activity, however, instead of quitting I decided to go to the gym near my house instead of the gym in school. This helped me get proper sleep.

We were only supervised by our mentor on the first day, and after that we were required to exercise on our own. This created ethical implications in the activity such as we were expected to productively use our time and also take care of the equipments in the gym. This even lead to teamwork as me and my friends were helping each other as necessary in the form of motivation and pointing out each other’s mistake.

I developed a lot of things from this activity other than fitness. The most crucial of which being commitment towards your goals. This activity made me realize how important it was to be committed in life.



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