Book club (long term)

This was a school led event where each of the students needed to complete at least ten books by the end of one academic year. There were three levels which an individual can choose and complete the criteria of the book club. There were 3 categories; 1- Debutant, where 10 books are required to complete; 2- Challenger where 12 books should be read and 3- Master Blaster where 15 are been required.

Reading books were not my cup of tea, however, I got out of my comfort zone and rather going for a debutant teacher’s choice (where I could have read 5 books); I opted to go for a debutant level. I thought that it is going to be a tough challenge but the outcome of it was extremely fruitful.

This activity meant a lot to me because I wanted to improve my language skills as I was very poor in it. Reading books were the best way to enhance my analyzing and linguistic skills in order to do great in IB.

Doing this activity, made me know that I can also read numerous books with a lot of interest. I exhibited complete dedication and interest towards reading books which let me achieve this great milestone of reading 10 books in a year.

In order to make sure that whether we have read books or not, our supervisor used to take presentations of the book. I could have just read the summary and presented it in front of our supervisor, but knowing the fact that it is wrong I opted to read all 10 books. I didn’t choose the wrong path because I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to enhance my language skills and to have a good command over the language.


1. Book tweet:

“Ninth book of grade 11: Honest Truth about Dishonesty by Dan Ariely

Description: This book talks about how often we unknowingly act dishonestly. Dishonesty is not only stealing  a lump sum of money but taking a pen from your friend without his/her permission is also dishonesty. Therefore, this book suggests ways by which a person can avoid small instances where they are tempted to be dishonest.
Favorite character: The narrator itself, because the ways he showed seemed to be too effective. If I could implement those, I am sure that I would have no issues in my life regarding moral values.
Stylistic device: None
Recommendation: Varun has recommended this book to me, and I would like to recommend this book to people who are beginners as the language used in the book was too easy.”














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