Dancing is something which has always interested me. While doing Garba my interest and passion have increased consistently. The reason for choosing this form was to acquire the knowledge about the folk dance of my state Gujarat. Garba classes have helped me a lot to evolve as a dancer. It helped me to refresh and energize myself after going through a long and tiring day. The form which I was focusing on was ‘Dodhiya’.

I already had a basic idea of this dance style as I had learnt it four years ago, but just learning the basics wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to sharpen my skills along with learning more complicated forms of it like couple dance. I also wanted to increase my stamina and innovate my style of doing the steps. I attended the class for almost three months, six days a week for one hour each. In the first month, I focused on remembering the steps. Then, in the second month, I focused on developing my style and learning couple dance. Soon, I realised that my stamina increased with time, and I have improved flexibility.

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Even though I have done this form before, I realised that I was weak in the high round continuous jump. So for one month I had to put a lot of efforts in learning it. I even got blisters on my feet, which made my journey a little difficult. Initially, my hectic schedule zapped all of my energy and at some point in time that affected my dance. For that, I decided to be active and be mentally free too. This strategy helped in focusing on the dance, and in achieving the goals

My second focus was couple dance. Couple dance requires a lot of coordination. For that, it became vital for me to practise every day. So, there was no chance of me missing even one class. Fortunately, my partner was my dance teacher, and his skills and energy were fantastic. When it comes to couple dance it is important that both the partners are compatible. So, while practising I have to compete and coordinate with my partner. My partner was very cooperative, he used to forgive my mistakes and helped me to better my skills.  In the end, I achieved my goals and learned to manage my schedule correctly.


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