In this twenty first century world it is essential to keeping yourself updated with social media and technologies although it is also important to make yourself fit and healthy due to the increasing number of wide spread disease hence me and my friends decided to join the gym at school.

This is the first time I have decided to join the gym.The most challenging task done by me was,to wake up early in the morning it was challenging due to lack of sleep and change in timetable,this challenge was overcome by sleeping early and changing my timetable but it also requires commitment to get out of bed in the early morning although I chose to wake up early.The week days were divided into upper body,lower body,back,chest and abs,it is cycle which we followed throughout the academic year,following this cycle allowed me find out my own strengths and weakness such as after 2 cycles I identified that my abs/abdominal is the strongest region compared to my other body parts therefore I was able to do 50plus sit ups in the second cycle itself and it is an area for further growth.After realising the strength I poses it boosted my confidence level and allowed me overcome my weakness such as my tricep region,it is the weakest region of my body hence I was able to overcome that weakness by changing my diet(increased protein intake).It felt good after doing this activity as it allowed to overcome the challenges and weakness and helped me identify my strengths,it is important to identify the strength and weakness you because it tell you the areas you need to work on and vice versa.

The second most  challenging task was push-ups,it is a challenging task because it requires strength to lift up your own weight although this challenge was overcome by increasing balance and focusing more on my biceps workout on day 1 I did 5 push ups and on day 25 I did 30 push-up although I was committed to work on my weakness ,I committed to myself that I will increase the number of push up done by me although this commitment caused me to use lots of effort and hardwork to achieve my goal therefore it is not easy for me to commit things.

After 2-3 cycles I identified a new strength,the new strength identified by me was I had a strong back hence it is the second strongest area in my body,I felt good about finding out this new strength I posses hence it is an area growth in the future because my body is not fully developed yet therefore my back might become more stronger due to hormonal changes.

The third most  challenging task was pull-ups,it is a challenging task because it requires strength to lift up your own weight although this challenge was overcome by increasing balance and focusing more on my back workout on day 1 I did 10 pull ups and on day 25 I did 40 pull-ups,it is challenging because it requires you to lift your body weight and I haven’t done anything like this before hence it is important to learn new skill because these skill makes me fitter,stronger and healthier.I was able to develop this new skill because of my commitment to increase the number of pull-ups done by me,this task is difficult because it requires more energy and strength while doing this activity and I felt good after developing this strength with the help of my commitment.

I liked doing gyming because it has allowed me to stay fit,increase my BMI and helped me to develop new skills and identify my weaknesses and work on it.

Upper body workout

lower body workout































































































































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