Teaching is an important thing in this world,it allows us to pass the knowledge we posse. My friend and I decided to teach grade 7 insight on the occasion of teachers day.

The most challenging task was to maintain the class decorum,it was challenging task because it is hard the students were mischievous and I have not done anything like this before hence my friend and me overcome this challenge by making a deal with students that we will teach in the first 1.5 hours and we will play games is the remaining 0.5 hours,it was important for my friend and me to overcome this challenge because we wanted the students to listen to us and understand what we were going to teach although it is important to overcome any challenge in life because challenges drag you down but it makes u stronger if you overcome them.

While teaching I identified a strength I pose and it was communicating skills,I was able to communicate properly with the students and I was able to cater 2 or 3 doubts at the same time due to fast and good communication skills hence I used effective language to communicate while teaching which made it easy for the students to understand the topic taught by me.I feel good after knowing the strength because this strength can helpful for in future activities such as FOA.Although it very important for a person to know his/her strength or weakness because it allows you to analyse yourself and helps you to know the areas which you are good at and areas where you need to work on.

The class was interesting in the start but then after 45 minutes students were getting bored and distracted it was challenging for my friend and I because we need to teach and maintain the class decorum at the same same time although this problem were overcome by using “technology” while teaching we played some attractive and interesting videos which were related to the topic we were teaching, therefore, we were able to overcome this challenge,it was important for us to overcome this challenge because we wanted the students to understand the concept thoroughly.

When we decided to play in the remaining 0.5 hours ,we decided to play dog and the bone,while the game started some students started to fight we tried to resolve but after few minutes again they started to fight and this situation occurred much time although we stopped them due to the commitment we made to play games in the remaining 0.5 hours,commitment was required  for this activity because if we did make this commitment students would not have paid proper attention in the class although this commitment has cost us time ,energy and hard work due to the fight that took place.

At the end of this activity, I learned that teaching is a not an easy task and my respect for teachers have increased .

Teachers for a day


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