Mahakhumbh football above -16


This was our last football tournament with few teammates because it was their last year in the school. This tournament was really important for me to win because like the subroto tournament the whole teams qualify for state level if the team wins.

Well, the age category allowed coaches from our school to play with us therefore our football coach played with us which gave us confidence. I wasn’t nervous before the game unlike most of the other tournaments. Plus, I was in a good shape. So I was hungry for the glory. We were tough and not under pressure. I think because of our football coach playing with us made my game better. Anyway, we reached the finals. The opponent team was the same team that defeated us in subroto cup, but it was stronger compare to their subroto team. There was lot of pressure on me in the final game as I was playing forward which is not my main position but I could handle it. In the first half itself we scored a goal which lead us to win the tournament. It was very emotional moment for me to win the tournament that I always wanted to win.
I have improved my ball controlling skills and I have improved stamina as I was able put same effort through out the game. I had developed skills and techniques require for playing at forward position.
Coordination still wasn’t that good when started our first game because we don’t play with the other coaches who were in our team. Fortunately, the first two opponents were not very tough so we were then able to create understanding in our team, knowing the position of our teammates and keeping the possession. This helped us in further matches.
I remained calm through out the tournament even though there was fight in the final match. I didn’t take advantage and tried to end the fight. I obeyed to the decisions made by referee.
What I learned from my coach is how to handle pressure. How to be patient and you will get the result. Winning this tournament is a great achievement for me. This is the moment I will always remember.




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