I never was very obsessed about how my body looked. I anyway joined the gym with few of my friends. My aim was to build muscles and build it in good shape. I wanted work my upper body more than my lower body, but even working on my lower body. My food habit is quite healthy so it was not a big problem. I thought gym is an easy task, but later I realized it is not very easy task. Every day I had to increase the weight so that I can progress.
In the beginning, I was able to lift the weighs which I thought would be heavy for me and even that without any external help.
First, few days my body used to get really tense and tired. It made me not continue on next day. I had to skip few classes because tense muscle. I learnt how to relax the tense muscle and recovered quickly then I got back to the routine. I was then consistent.
I had to wake up an hour early than my routine wake up schedule. Waking up early for football practice was not difficult because I was passionate about football whereas for the gym it was difficult but I kept pushing myself.
Ethical issues invoked in this activity was that I had work efficiently without any supervisor watching me. I had to make sure that I increase my intensity as per my progression. I had to be consistence and not lift weight for just sake of doing it. I had to make sure I improve my strength by following the daily routine without skip days. This made feel confident about my body.

As I continued for a month, I was more confident and motivated. I continued gym for two more months. Now I can see the benefit of the gym. I was able to build muscles not very huge muscles but I was able to convert my fat into muscle which is a big achievement for me. My main focus was on strength training because cardio is done when I play soccer. In the beginning, the difficulty I faced was being consistent for the gym because getting huge muscles in a week workout are not possible. This is what I learnt that to achieve something you have show consistency in your hard work.

Some of the exercises I performed were :

  • Chest seated rowing
  • Barbel rowing
  • Push ups
  • Lat pull down
  • Pull ups
  • Barbel curl
  • Dumbbell curl
  • Crunches
  • Bench press
  • Skull crush
  • Barbell squat
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension

GYm 2

GYm 1

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