Tree Plantation @ KV Central School – 03/07/16

I took part in a tree plantation session organized by nature club. It was a fun activity as we got muddy and dirty in the rain, planting trees in holes already dug out for us, and then shoveling mud over it again. Then we hammered bamboos next to those plants and tied them together for support. We had to remember to not litter the black plastic in which the plants were originally kept. We learned that these were bird-friendly trees – ones with flowers and fruits to provide birds with nectar and food. These not only help the environment by taking in carbon dioxide and tackling global warming, but also helps survival of many bird species. I collaborated with friends to plant the bigger plants, and also had a lot of fun with friends. It was an amazing experience, especially because we worked towards an issue with global significance. If all of us take such little steps, we can do such great things in preserving the environment, and many other issues for that matter! The rain was a hindrance. It slowed us down, made transport to and from the venue hard, and also formed puddles. We mustn’t be very conscious about staying clean as such, but I think that did make us go out of our comfort zone. It was a nice activity overall!


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