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I am Parvashi Naik. Currently, I am in a constant battle between IB and Social life like all other IB students. Till now I have celebrated 16 birthdays on 8th of October. I spent my middle and high school life in Fountainhead School, Surat. I belong from the Western part of India and that is Gujarat.
By now, I have pursued and developed a lot of talents and skills. Apart from academics, I play Basketball and Football in school. After 6-8 years of learning, I finished my Arangetram in the Indian classical Dance Bharatnatyam. I am an amateur Alpine Skier and a Scuba Diver. I finished my my Advance course in Communication Skills from Trinity College of London. Not only that, but I play Keyboard and drums too. Visual Arts is one of my other talents too that I have recently realised. Learning management through school event is also one of the fresh talents I came across.
I enjoy all the things that make me happy. May it be a person, an activity or a form of entertainment. They have changed by time but currently I enjoy doing visual arts as it is that one fresh skill I am performing as a part of my IB course too.
Visual arts is one skill/talent that I wish to improve upon apart.
I also like planning and executing school and other events and being a part of the Organisation committee.
Coming to what my aim right now is to get into a good university and succeed. Apart from this, I wish to learn, explore and experience different aspects of the unseen world.
I am not someone who is too much inclined towards global issues but social issues that occur sometimes between the family or friends, I am concerned as those people involved or my involvement in it, those people concerns me.
I have always wanted to be work and study. Like, a part-time job where I earn from my hardwork and determination towards my responsibility and take out expenses for my survival. That is one thing I wish to do in my life.
This was all about me and I guess this is sufficient enough for not only understanding me but also my CAS profile.

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