Teacher’s Day- Photography (Creativity/Activity)

Teacher’s Day in Fountainhead has always been a big event since many years. Similarly, even this year FH celebrated this occasion very uniquely. Students of grade 10 and 12 prepared a few performances for all the teachers in our school and the rest of grade 11 and 9 students conducted classes for lower grades. In this event, Disha and Khushali (organisers), decided to have a photo booth to capture all the memories for the teachers, and considering my keenness for photography I happily volunteered. Basically, we (Yug and I) set a photo booth with funky props in a designated area, so that all the teachers could come with their squad and get their pictures clicked.

Photography has always been my strength and in this activity I used the best of my interest to help the organisers and the teachers. People say that photography can never be aced in the first try, and practice is necessary. Even though this opportunity wasn’t the most appropriate one to practice the kind of photography I like, I grabbed it anyway as a learning experience. I did identify my strength and learnt a few new things from Yug, my partner in this activity.

This activity/sector was all on Yug and me. We had to be sorted and planned for everything, from setting to props to lighting. Therefore, it was important for us to be committed to the responsibility given to us. I am not a person who can focus on one thing at one time and so it becomes very difficult for me to give my 100% time and energy in the task at hand. But I somehow did manage to give my attention and patience for this particular activity, as my passion was playing a major role.

I had a lot of different ideas for the working of this activity, but because I was working with people, I had to consider their opinions as well. Moreover, there were people above me, so it was important for me to abide by some guidelines and work under a certain decorum. These were my personal ethics playing role, which was a positive as at the end of day all the decisions were made correctly and everybody was happy.

Therefore, working collaboratively and abiding by my ethics, to let people take the upper-hand, helped me enjoy and learn from this CAS experience.

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