Eye-checkup camp_8/7/16

My friend and I volunteered for an eye-check up camp that was conducted by Rotary Club of Udhna in Navnirman school where hundreds of unprivileged students, especially teenagers . This service project has immensely helped these children in terms of their vision. Out of these hundreds of children, minimum 20-25% of children had poor vision, but had lack of money and knowledge. By this service project, these teens were benefitted as the ones who had a defect in their vision, were given professional checkup and eye-glasses were donated to them too.

Gujarati was the only language that could understand. But, there were some students who couldn’t even comprehend that. So, in that case we had to use actions and gestures in order to make them go to an assigned place for the checkup. But this way I also developed a skill to communicate without a certain language. All it takes a an expression to convey a message. This was a difficulty that I faced. It was very difficult to make students

Except for helping in volunteering there wasn’t much that we could do about it as we aren’t qualified enough to check whether there a defect in their eyes or not. But when we saw the difficulty they had to read the alphabets was heart breaking. There was this one girl who was asked whether or not she has specs or not, she said she but she doesn’t wear them because her classmates make fun of her. This gave a big shock to all of us present there. So, then it was decided that after all the required eye check-up, there will be a session with these student where in they will be given knowledge about so as why wearing eyeglasses is important and other important factors.

We realised that there is nothing more important than acquiring basic knowledge about our body. Seeing those children in these problems was heart throbbing.

This eye checkup camp has immensely helped these students and I feel glad to be a part of this.

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