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I am Khushali. I adore drawing and painting. One of the things that really interest me is mathematics. I enjoy dancing, trekking and travelling. I am not very much into sports, however, I love playing badminton. I often swim on the weekends. I’m a person who believes in working hard, and who likes to keep everything organised. However, I would definitely want to improve my attitude towards subjects that I don’t like, such as Hindi and Language and Literature.
I am an aspriring architect who loves all things pink. I would like to be involved in internship courses related to architecture. I want to like to learn more about how things work.
One things that I’m deeply passionate about is dance. I hope, that whenever I get free time, I engage in dance classes to maintain my fitness. I hope that my artistic abilities and penchant for perfection in all helps me achieve success. All in all, I hope that I keep working, and learning new things, and implement them in my life, to become a better individual, and to stay content with whatever I aspire in my life.

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