Personal Profile-Vidushi Gupta

Hi. My name is Vidushi Gupta and I study in 12th standard. I am a very reserved kind of a person, who hates to be lied. This is the reason I like talking to selective people.

I have always been appreciated for my dance especially bharatnatyam. This is one of my talents apart from organisation and management skills. I started dancing when I was 6 years old. Since then dance has been a very crucial part of my life. Dancing gives me immense pleasure. Besides dancing there are a lot more things I enjoy doing and which gives me equal happiness, such as, travelling and exploring new places, spending quality time with my family and friends, listening to music and reading and learning about various disorders.

As always being quoted by my close ones to be generous and caring. I wholeheartedly devote myself into social service for underprivileged children. In my believe every individual has an equal right to live. Therefore, with the idea of spreading awareness about various issues in the society and problems faced by underprivileged, my friends and I started with an activist group called ASTH (A Step Towards Humanity). It functions for the benefit of underprivileged children.

Apart from actively participating in the above initiative, according to me life is a lot more. It’s about how well an individual manages leisure with responsibilities. It is about grabbing every opportunity that comes your way and being satisfied with all that you have. Most importantly life’s about smiling in every phase that one faces. Rightly said by Kathleen Edgar “Smile awhile and while you smile – another smiles, And soon there are Miles and miles of smiles and Life’s worthwhile Because you Smile”. And now this is my life’s motto.

I believe that one should broaden their horizon to acquire knowledge about surroundings and step out of their comfort zones to deal with the reality of life. Applying this, I would like to learn more about human behavior-as to why do humans behave the way they do. As learning is a never ending process I would really like to attempt adventurous activities like skydiving and scuba diving.  



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