With the upcoming Organ Donation Day, me and my group decided that we must spread awareness about how many lives can be bettered and saved by taking a small pledge of donating organs after death. We decided to make a video first to reach people through social media, however, we soon realized how we would not be able to engage the viewers as nicely. Besides, we wanted to take their pledges, to make sure they have been influenced. Therefore, we collaborated with an NGO called Shrimad Rajchandra Love And Care and decided to do a street play. For an audience, we decided to do it in U-Turn on an early Sunday morning. There were many challenges including group members backing out at the last minute and waking up very early on a holiday and rain which tried to stop us from doing the play. But with resilience and will, and because of the fact that we believed in this cause and its global significance, we did not give up. The audience was discouraging at first too. People just walked by without noticing our play. However, by shouting and acting our guts out, we got some success in spreading awareness. Over a hundred people pledged their organs! With collaboration and support in what was left of our group, and with belief in the cause, I believe we did a wonderful job planning and initiating this project. For me, this was also my first street play – therefore, making the script and directing the play was challenging too. Co-ordinating the cast and props was fun, and I think I would like to initiate more such small projects in the future!



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