Tree plantation

I went to KV central school for plantation. I never did plantation in my life, so I did not knew what tools are needed and what is the method for planting.

The tools were new to me, so I learnt new techniques to use the tools and developed a new skill. I planted four to five plants. Planting a tree alone is difficult because you can’t hold the tree and also put soil on it, so working together with my friends was helpful. Global warming is increasing in the world and is a significant issue, so participating in this activity also helped me participate in globe significance issue.

The activity was valuable and because we all friends were together, planting trees was fun and it helped me to build social relations.The activity was effective. In one day we all were able to plant 25 tress.The activity was valuable because we were able to participate in solving the issue of global warming with a small step towards it.I finally learnt how to plant trees and I got to know that it’s not easy.




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