Visual Arts

Arts Special is a group of different arts such as drama, guitar, keyboard, drums, vocals, visual arts and such like.  I chose visual arts because I had keen interest in learning and executing different forms of visual arts. I developed this interest during my 9th grade, when I chose Art and Design as a subject in the IGCSE. One of my goals for this activity was to perform all the tasks with enthusiasm. I chose visual arts in the 1st and 2nd year of my DP. The visual arts slot came once in 7 days.

I learned many new forms of visual arts.

Art Skill Reflection
Clay moulding I came across lots of new techniques such as slab moulding. These new techniques helped me gain further insight about how clay structures/statues are sculpted. It was difficult to mould clay at first, however I took it as a challenge and practiced harder.
Woodcut Print I found this the most interesting. It required a lot of determination and hard work to clean and polish woods and then carve using interesting tools like U-tool and V-tool and knife. It took lots of days to carve it perfectly. I carved dainty flowers and leaves on the squared wood slab. The most difficult yet fascinating part was applying ink colours on the glass slab, and attach it with the wood for printing. The whole process required rigorous practice, and I made at least 5 copies before printing the final one. It was definitely time consuming, however the output was absolutely beautiful. It was tedious yet wonderful.img_0787
Painting wood Aashna, my classmate and I founded a wooden object in the scrap and we decided to paint it using acrylic colours. It looked like a maze. We used primary colours, white and black to paint it. It was difficult to colour on the edges but that helped me polish my painting skills. The output was simplistic yet fantastic. It looked like a very confusing, beautiful puzzle. We painting little foot steps to make it more interesting.
Diary Throughout the 1st year of DP our teacher, Rahul Sir told us to maintain a dairy in which we could draw whatever we wished to. Maintaining a dairy helped me improve my imaginative and drawing skills. It was difficult to manage time for dairy in between academic submissions.img_0796 img_0791 img_0795 img_0793 img_0794 img_0792
Portrait of my choice The 2nd year of DP with VA started with making a portrait of our choice.img_0789
Skirt After making the portrait, Aashna and I decided to team co-ordinate and design a skirt, and colour the fabric using acrylic colours. It was a difficult task to do because it was new for us, and also time consuming. We decided to draw dainty flowers on the bottom of the box skirt. The colouring process took a lot of time. Our another teacher, Virendra Sir helped us with arranging the fabric and mannequin on which we would display the skirt. It was a lot of photo-on-30-11-16-at-1-30-pm-2

Overall, I learned something exquisite styles and techniques which I’ll definitely implement in my future.

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