Winter trip: Naggar

It was a school trip to Himachal Pradesh,Naggar. The place was beautiful specially from the hotel where we lived. In this activity we did various activities like tracking, ice skiing and etc. I think the trip was fun due to the friends’ company that I had. It was worth going to this trip and participating in this activity made a memorable life memory to me.

While tracking I got to know that my stamina is low and I should be tracking with the team. This was the weakness I got know about me but never the less, I did the tracking but next time I can improve on my stamina. Tracking was also a challenge which helped me develop my tracking skills. Collaboratively tacking gives motivation to track. The ethical implication was to support Eco-tourism and promote and support local cottage industry.

I went to this trip just for fun and exploration, so as such there was not to much value that I would give to this activity but it could be valuable for others.The activities were effective. It helped me to know that, I can stay away from technology and also have fun. The activity had an ethical point that Himachal Pradesh had its forest and trees away from the human reach, so it was over due to do the same. To protect Naggar natural environment. We used to switch off the lights and heater while going out of hotel. To me the activities were valuable because it gave me new experiences like ice-skiing and tracking. Also this was a second last trip that we all batch mates were going to have.

I think going for trips like this in a year will freshen up people minds and it gives new experiences.

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