Street Play- Awareness about Organ Donation at U-Turn (Creativity/Service)

This activity was a group initiative. It was a street play done at U-Turn to spread awareness about Organ Donation. Basically, our main motive was to inform people about the importance of organ donation and persuade them to pledge their organs.


The preparation for this activity wasn’t very great. But enough for us to perform on the day. We planned to shoot a documentary at first, then finally decided to take U-Turn as an opportunity to get more people’s attention. We wrote the script in 2 hours and spontaneously, called two of our friends to help us in replacing the other actors. The hustle was real and intense, we did have some experience with handling pressure, but it did get onto our heads, later.


This group project was a collaborative work with Riya, Aarsh, Ronak and Vinit. We all had a reasonably decent experience with street plays, and hence, felt little confident that we would pull through. It was challenging for us, but in the end we did grab enough people’s attention and got pledges too. I wouldn’t say our activity was a complete success, but it was a great learning experience. People didn’t listen to us at first, but that didn’t stop us. We repeated the play over and over again to get more people.


Because we worked collaboratively, we got ideas and help from each and everybody. This issue has a global significance, as people all around the world face problems with transplants. We wanted to bring a change locally. By doing the play, we also did not want to hurt anybody’s self esteem or feelings in any way. We took into consideration that we go by the code of conduct and not hurt anybody in any way. Language and body language was a difficult hurdle to cross, but we worked pretty well and did it.


This activity, all in all, taught me to work well under pressure and overcome fears for a good outcome and experience. It was a fun, short CAS experience with a lot of learnings.

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