Tree Plantation Session at KV Central School

I took a part in a tree plantation session which was organized by a nature club. We had to be at the venue early morning which was quite difficult for me as it becomes very hard for me to wake up early in the morning. However it was a fun activity as we got muddy and dirty in the rain and planting the tree saplings in the hole which were already dug for us, after planting the tree saplings we needed to shovel the mud around the mud which helped the sapling in balancing. While planting the tree sapling I didn’t litter the black plastic which was originally attached to the sapling and threw away all the black plastic in the trash can to not leave the plastic in the mud which could harm the environment. One of the main reason to take part in this plantation session was that the tree sapling were bird friendly trees(ones with flowers and fruits to provide nectar and food to birds), helps in the survival of many bird species and not only this, these plants also help the environment by increasing the oxygen amount, taking in the carbon dioxide and also helps in reducing the amount of global warming. These plants also helps in the survival of many bird species.

As we all had to work as a team I collaborated with my friends in planting the tree samples which helped me in developing my collaborative skills. Planting the samples together was fun. It was a very good experience for me as we all worked towards an issue with global significance, and I personally believe that if we all come together and do something for the environment, we can do great things in protecting the environment. The rain did slowed us down, made the transportation and the plantation very hard, however our hard work and unity helped us to complete the plantation session .It was a new experience for me as it was a first time I did this type of an activity, it also helped me in developing a new skill- Planting a Tree. I think that this activity did make me go out of my comfort zone as I don’t like getting dirty and muddy, but it was a fun activity overall.





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