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“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow” Robert Tew

I have NEVER in my life imagined myself anchoring at a q4567890stage or any place at all. But there I was anchoring in Dance Sector in the Art Fest, where around fifty schools from all the cities around Surat participated in classical, folk, fusion and international dance styles.

One day, one of our teachers asked me if I can anchor for an event. And surprisingly I said yes, thinking that it’s time to try something out of my comfort zone and learn how to be good at it as well. The event was on an early morning plus on the weekend. After having a tiresome week with loads of work, I was having a second thought on my decision but eventually I was persistent to keep my word and attain the event.

At the start, we were not given a script in particular. We were informed that this is the dance sector and you have to anchor for it. I was blank. I did not have any experience in anchoring and here I was speaking without even having a blueprint of what I was supposed to do. Eventually, my companion and I collaborated and spoke spontaneously about various dance styles and the participants. As it was not planned, there were many instances where we both started speaking together and then both stopped, leaving us in awkward moments in front of more than two hundred people. Therefore we decided to speak alternatively which cleared our ways out.

After some time, there was crisis going on because new participants were coming so we had to add them as well. We were extremely confused due to the constant change in the schedule. I am not usually good at handling spontaneous problems, however, my friend and I took the initiative to help the teacher plan, organise and change things while doing our original task which was to anchor. It was a demanding job for us to handle the situations, both on and off the stage.

At the end, the event turned out to be successful, better than the outcome I expected and surprisingly perfect; on time, all the participants seemed happy and the teachers appreciated us on our contribution and helpful nature.

It gave me a lesson for future that you should be ever ready for a sudden crisis and take an initiative to try to solve or help them even if it’s not the part of your work.

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