Tree Plantation

I had never indulged in tree plantation activities before. This was the first time I was contributing to the environment, and I must say, it was indeed fun.  It changed my perspective about nature.

I enjoyed visiting serene places and enjoy its pleasant air and nature, however this opportunity of tree plantation made me realize my responsibility as a citizen of the place I live in. This CAS activity gave me the opportunity to give my little contribution in making the world a better, green place, for which I would like to thank Nature Club for taking us to Kendriya Vidyalay School in Piplod on the 4th of July, 2016.

Initially, I wasn’t going to take part in the activity because of my mindset, but the whole experience of planting trees was much more than that.  The thought of taking a step towards making environment an ideal place encoruaged me.

When I was about to reach to the place early morning, it started raining, and my little excitement for the activity was vanishing. I knew I couldn’t let this rain be an excuse of my absence. I thought it was destiny who wanted me to realize the importance of tree planting. The greenery of the place made me realize that the world was becoming a place of concrete buildings instead of lush green trees. I could instantly connect with the changes happen in the society around me, and how it was unethical to make jungles barren for our purposes and seize their beauty.

I could say that even though the rain made it worst for us to plant trees, every bit of hard work was worth it. As soon as I started transplanting the plants into pits and then filling them with mud, I could feel the sense of responsibility of making a very little, but significant change to the society, with respect to an issue of global significance.

Other than being a responsible person, I learned the art of planting and fixing the mud with a shovel and spade.

At the end of the day, I was glad that I was able to contribute to nature’s beauty.

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