Naggar is a village situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It was once the capital of Kullu Kingdom.I went to Naggar for my winter trip last winter with my classmates. We were a group of 30 people. Naggar is the best place for Trekking, Skiing etc. We did a lot of treks to different places, explored Museums, Ancient temples and communicated with the local people about their lifestyle and how they managed to live in such a cold place and overall developed our fitness skills. My main goal for this trip was to become fit and healthy. In cities we are always dependent on gyms for good health and because of pollution is overpowering and making the air bad, Hill stations are the best place to get fresh oxygen .


We used to go on treks everyday and do yoga in the evening and other fun sports after or before dinner. The main challenge faced was walking up hill in a cold weather. Even Though, I have a good stamina i found it challenging because of other factors like: as we tend to go up hill, the oxygen level decreases due to which we tend to have a problem in breathing. Also we were very cautious about not throwing any garbage outside the bus when we were traveling and repeated the same while trekking because plastic is very harmful for the environment and we wanted to save the nature. This trip taught me various lessons like: keeping our city clean and avoiding pollution as much as possible, and i taught this lesson to my family members too. Apart from all this, we made a lot of memories with our friends and teachers and it was a great experience exploring a very new and beautiful place.


This picture was taken when we finally completed our trek to this 10,000 years old temple (at the back).


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