Monologue Competition – Cas reflection

In the first week of August, 2016, I had participated in a monologue competition that was organized in our school. The competition required students to select and prepare a monologue of their choice and then to perform it on stage in front of all the teachers and students of IBDP. For my monologue I choose one of Hamlet’s soliloquy – “Am I a coward?” by William Shakespeare.


Before this event, I had never voluntarily registered myself in a competition where I was required to be on stage. This was mainly because of my extreme stage fright and lack of confidence. Ironically, it was because of stage fright that I participated in this competition. I participated because I wanted to get rid of my stage fright and I knew the only way to do that was to participate more and build my confidence. I thought this would help me take a step towards my goal of not being afraid to go on a stage.


Not only did this activity helped me reduce my stage fright and build confidence but it also helped me improve my voice modulation. Although, I did not win the competition, the genuine appreciation from my friends and teachers helped me realize that I am not all that bad at drama and stage speaking. If I put more efforts into this activity, I would surely be able to completely get rid of my stage fright and increase my confidence level drastically.


This activity proved to be really challenging for me because in the beginning I was really bad at acting and one of the main criterias of this competition was showing emotions matching to that of the character’s. However, from a friend, I got to know that practising in front of the mirror and recording yourself are some very good ways to improve your acting. This is how I overcame my weakness and was able to deliver a pretty impactful monologue.
At the end of the competition I felt really proud of myself as I had done something which I was way out of my comfort zone. It was definitely a great experience for me.

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