The purpose for my participation as the Executive Board in the FSMUN was to encourage young people to understand global issues and discuss them with and international mindedness.
I was the Vice chair of the most important committee in the MUN- the security council.
During the conference, I really felt that rather than genuinely discussing and understanding the issue, the delegates were more keen on just winning the prizes. This really disturbed me and so I did something that I didn’t HAVE to do.
I paused the formal procedures for an hour and informally just took a session with the delegates to explain our agenda in depth and discuss why it really matters. To my surprise, the delegates responded very well and kept their foreign policies aside to express what they personally felt about the issues. It was one of the best 1 hour of my munning experience as a chair or delegate. The next two days didn’t matter, who won didn’t matter, who lost didn’t matter either. Because all of us knew, that we were going away from this conference as not only better diplomats, but as better global citizens who had just understood their home, their world better. We knew that day, that this MUN had been a rewarding experience because it gave some of us our purpose and defined our responsibility as citizens better.

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