DP Fest… 🙌

DP Fest- It was a Hell of a ride. 😛


Let’s just say it was the first big event for me. I still remember, after I received a form for volunteering for different posts in DP fest, I had already decided I was not ready to handle such important posts. But after teachers actually told us that what DP fest is about, I realized that if I don’t volunteer for any one of the two posts in the organizing committee, I would have to perform on stage on the event in front of a lot (emphasis on “a lot” :P) people. My fear of performing on stage convinced me to fill the form. However, I  volunteered for Resource Head instead of event coordinator (I thought handling this would be easier that other two jobs- handling the full event and performing on the stage).

To make things go as smoothly as possible, I and my partner (another resource in charge) Khushali had already come up with a plan that was required to be followed perfectly. I started feeling that choosing this post had somehow made me better-off everything just went untroubled and according to our plan. However, the happiness was short-lived as we realized that even though we were doing work from our side as we had scheduled but we needed others to complete their tasks on the deadlines set by us (which was really not the case 🙁 ). Khushali and I had to literally run behind people to fill the sheets that we shared with them so that we could order resources because as the days would pass it would become more and more difficult to arrange the preferred resources. But everyone still worked on their own paces, Most of the students really gave a tough time in the initial stage itself but Khushali and I managed to collaboratively distribute work and personally make sure that people filled the sheets as soon as possible.

But once we cleared the initial stage of getting our hand on the resource list, we realized that one of the groups (VA) were the next big challenge. The number of resources and the type of resources that they requested was really difficult to arrange. Khushali and I decided to arrange a meeting with the group member and see if we can come up with some alternatives. Although this would only solve the part of the problem, mainly because there other technical issues that created more problems but in the end we just managed to accomplish our task before the event day (running behind people and collecting resources also made me do a lot of physical exertion, which I didn’t know was also a part of the job :P). It every single passing second I realized that no job is an easy job- everything requires the same amount of commitment and efforts.

Once I was done with my task I also helped with the poster for the DP fest and particularly on the event day, I learned to manage the handle the technical job as well ( the lights; the sound and rest running stage duty). Because I had to do it because everyone else was busy with their own jobs (But it was genuinely a nice experience and I learned a new skill as well 🙂 ).
Overall, I was really proud of me and my grades as we managed to put a Fabulous show, against all  odds. This event as not just taught me some random new skill but helped me grow as a person as during my time as a resource in charge I had to talk with and cooperate with a lot of people ( which is a difficult job for an introvert), manage things regardless how favorable the situation was getting and more over for the fact that I tried coming out of my shell and undertook a challenge.

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