Planting a tree= Planting a life

‘Plant a tree, Save the Earth’ was an initiation taken by Nature Club Surat and our school asked if we wanted to do something for our mother Earth. I participated as I was eager to know the process of a plantation and I also wanted to return something to nature.

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The benefits of afforestation have been drilled in my mind since three years because of taking Environmental Sciences. I learnt how human activities and urbanization has caused many environmental problems globally. And knowing that tree plantation is one of the major solutions to many problems, I really wanted to take a part in this activity. One day before the activity, I was really excited.

However, on the day of the plantation it was raining extremely heavily and we had to wake up very early in the morning as well. For once,  I was having second thoughts about should I go or not as I had to walk to the location (because of some reasons) But then, I was determined and committed to go the school where we were suppose to plant the trees. It was a laborious task to walk in heavy rains and then rigorously using your physical strength to plant.

We were informed how to plant them and where. There was a particular technique which we had to learn. Our ethical values comes into picture here, either we could be lazy and not work hard to plant each tree perfectly, or we could try to learn the perfect technique which would be best for the trees. I gave my best to learn from the experts as to what to do in each stage of plantation.

As said Big changes start with small steps. Therefore, no matter how many plants I might have planted, I still felt that I contributed to something on a larger scale.


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