Creative Mela 2015

Not many of my classmates attended the Creative Mela.  Creative mela takes place every year and the purpose is for everyone (not into arts people also) to indulge themselves into creative activities. This time there were so many activities happening, I could only attend 2 of them: Make up and Graffiti.

I don’t know nothing about ‘makeup’. Literally nothing. I realised that this was the area where I needed to gain more knowledge, hence I attended the session. However, I reached there and then realised that it was theatre makeup and not the normal makeup that people usually do. Though I learnt a lot about theatre makeup, I found it quite monotonous. How actors who are to perform live are always applied with loud makeup and also not so much that their features aren’t visible(as expressions are a must).

After doing graffiti, which is basically spray painting on a wall, I fell in love with it. Especially because we had to do something abstract so I made red liquid dripping off the top and an animal. Both of which were appreciated by m fellows and the guides who were there to help. I identified yet another thing that I really enjoyed doing. Everytime I pass that wall in our school, I recall my getting dirty and climbing up ladders to do that artwork.

One very important that all of very instructed before we began with our graffiti was that we shouldn’t do anything that might offend any race, religion, gender or organization. I think this was because one must consider the ethics of choices and actions.

I always end up enjoying the day to the fullest after Creative Mela. This time too.

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