FS 3/3 Basketball Tournament

People from outside our city had also participated for this tournament. Basketball is not my main sport. However, because a good team approached and offered me to play with them, I felt good and important, so I participated. They asked me to play with them as they know my athleticism and ability to adapt to any sport easily.

I was nervous as Basketball is a non contact game. I am used to playing a little more rough which may lead to many contact fouls, however, I am so good that I was not substituted not even once in all the matches that we played. I learnt a lot of technical words for various fouls, types of shoots and passes.

Though my main sport in Football, I keep on playing other sports. This is because my coach says that indulging in different sport rejuvenates the mind and different muscles of the body get toned.

I realized the significance of a coordination that is necessary within a team. As I wasn’t a professional player, I wasn’t good at converting passes into the baskets and hence always used to pass the ball more. I never used to do this in football, but now I have realised the importance of passing the ball instead of just being selfish. I felt so great that I was able to learn something about football by playing basketball.

It was a fun day. I made a lot of new friends and though we didn’t, I was satisfied with my game.

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