My journey with CAS

My journey with CAS has been memorable and spiritual. I’ve actually grown closer to myself while pursuing different forms of activities over the course of these 2 years. Helping others and myself along with the joyful experience of CAS has been truly fantastic. There have been challenges, but I believe that’s the only way to learn!

I believe Fizz was the most memorable activity in my total CAS journey. It gave me a lot of experience in handling large scale projects, and we were able to secure an enormous user base too. It was an amalgamation of my web designing skills and my physics knowledge with my desire to give back to the community and help other students overcome the challenges that I once faced. During this process, I not only have had to work on the software development, the front-end designing, content development, and marketing, but I have also had to work on coordinating work and getting the best quality out for the users. The sense of responsibility I felt while working on this project has truly illuminated the path of service for me.

Apart from that, I believe Visual Arts has played a massive role in my development and growth as a person. The passion I have felt while working on an artwork has been totally inexorable. The fact that I could put down whatever was on my mind in the form of an artwork that everyone can appreciate was truly useful for an introvert person like me. Creativity has helped me think innovatively and constructively, and have witnessed a very spiritual connection with myself and the art during this journey.

The winter trip to Naggar has also been a memorable one where I actually got to open up to people and make new friends that I would keep for a lifetime. The tranquility that is instilled in my memories of that place and time is truly something that I would like to keep, and keep looking forward to seek again in the years to come. I have experienced a connection not only with friends on this trip, but also the nature that I was so covered by. While the trekking wasn’t much of a physical challenge in itself, I really felt uplifted and motivated to pursue more treks in search of this inner serenity.

There have been many challenges, but I think the most important one was overcoming my shell to cooperate with others, to mix with people, and to synergize for a common cause. It was challenging for me because I have never been a people person. I learned that alone, a man can only go so far. With teamwork, we were able to achieve success in all three: arts, sports and service. Another great challenge for me was to address issues of global significance. Later in my life, I really want to use technology to change the world for the better. However, at this point, I was really clueless about how to do it. I wanted to do something for issues that I cared about, not just any other flash mob or awareness campaign for some global issue that I read in news 2 days ago. This is why, I had to put in intensive

Through my CAS experience, I have learned a lot. From specific skills like woodcut printing in arts, to more general life skills, CAS has been a very constructive programme for me. I have been a thinker sometimes, and sometimes a communicator. I’ve undertaken risks, reflected on my progress, and have been open to new ideas. Through CAS, I was able to lead a balanced life with all the stress and anxiety that comes with a busy life. However, most importantly, with CAS, I have been able to do something to address the issues I care for, and I have overall been transformed from this unfeeling person into a livelier person. I would really love to continue this in university and beyond to make this world a better place.

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