CAS Essay

The first and foremost CAS activity which comes in my mind, is my cas project, The Kabaddi tournament which I conducted in my school. It was led by me and two of my friends where we planned the project, invited participants, conducted an auction to make teams and finally executed our plan. The profits driven from this project were used in the donation. I felt this activity very impressive because it was the activity where we needed to had a full-proof plan to be successful. The fact that numerous participants participated in this event, making us earn huge profits reflected how well planned was our project. There were few difficulties which we faced, however holding weekly meetings among three of us and coming up with instant solutions helped us to solve those hurdles. This is something which made me a good communicator. Moreover, all these elements have improved my management and leadership skills drastically and that is what made this activity one of my best CAS experience.

I have learned numerous things from the component of CAS such as football sport with the help of activities such as football camps and football classes. I also learned a new skill of planting saplings in a huge land. This helped me to associate the activity of plantation with the learner profile, caring. Activities such as Lit fest (anagrams) and lit fest (ads to add up) have contributed to my cognitive thinking, helping me to become a knowledgeable person. I also brushed my skills of trekking and experienced the moments of cliff jump while I went to Naggar as my cas trip. The trip aided me in becoming risk-taker.

I developed skills of being patient, perseverant, committed as well as consistency from all of the CAS activities. I came out of my comfort zone in various activities, helping me to push my limits further. I learned a lot about myself and the skills I possess via the activities I did as my CAS component. More than that, while doing gymming and holding kabaddi tournament I learned more about others and their perspectives. Their opinions and ideas were something which aided me to look things differently which greatly affected the way I took decisions in all of my CAS activities. This has helped me to develop the skill of teamwork and coordination as well.

The most difficult learning outcome to achieve was the third one, initiate and plan a cas experience. Planning is something which I like very much, however executing the same is very difficult. I faced difficulties in my cas project where I had to achieve LO 3. Executing kabaddi tournament in the way it was planned by three of us, was very tricky but solving those hurdles was something which made this activity a successful one.

I think learning leadership, management, and teamwork skills from CAS activities will help me further in my life especially while I am doing projects in BBA course as well as while I am doing business. Coordinating and controlling people appropriately in business will make their life better and will help my business to prosper.

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