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Hello! I am Pranit Bagadia studying in Fountainhead school. I am 16 years but in about a month and half I will turn 17! To introduce myself, sometimes I can be fun, boring, I can get angry and even be calm at times; overall I am a complete mixture of an introvert and extrovert (hard to believe it right?). The best thing that I find about me, is that I can start a conversation with any Tom or Harry, whether it’s about a tv show or about the weather, I can talk to a stranger for hours. On simple terms, I am tv show addict. I just enjoy watching tv shows all day; if given the chance, I can watch tv shows for ages..

I lack the skill of commitment towards my work. I have never been able to complete my homework on time or submit an assignment on time.This pinches me many a times. The absence of this quality has led to negative outcomes in my life, like, I have been scoring very bad marks in my exams due to this. For now, I supposedly think I would like to be involved in more outdoor activities, maybe in terms of participation or initiating it. What I like to learn? Well, sarcastically speaking, I love to research about fictional characters (Game of thrones, Walking dead, Avengers…), their origin, their personality, their powers, everything. It’s my favorite way to pass my time. But in the practical world, I like to learn and research about computers, their working, the technicalities, their structure, compatibility, in short everything linked with computers.

Well, my dreams? There are millions of them, one of them is that to simply wake up one day as BILL GATES! Be the richest person in the world, have power to influence people, be the authority and a role model to many. Won’t that be cool? Won’t you be glad to have ‘BILL GATES’ as your friend? Sometimes I think, that I even lack the mind to imagine the things I could do with all that money and power. But they are just dreams, so yeah. Overall I think life is an adventure and is always mysterious.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost

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