CAS Essay

Whenever I say the word CAS, The first thing that comes to my mind is my group project. It was one such activity where I had learned so much, I over came so many of my fears, and I saw so much of change in me in way of managing. Additionally, this activity was solely done with our efforts, we were not depended on anyone, the teachers or our parents or any adults but it was thought by us planned by us worked by us. And this activity really makes me feel proud of me.

One thing that I have learned from CAS is how to manage my time and work from my heart for one of the IB components that does not even gives me points. Jokes apart, the one thing that I have definitely learned is that I have a global significance and that I need to work on my skills and use them to make the world a better place. The one thing about CAS that I loved is writing the reflections, even though they were a tedious task to fulfill, for me, they act as treasure because when one day I will reread my reflections it would act as motivators to me to further work like that. These reflections have helped to know the true me- a risk-taker, thinker, communicator, principled, caring, knowledgeable and balanced inquirer that has learned to think open-mindedly.

CAS has not only gave me some lifetime memorable memories but it has also given me the platform of understanding and growing my inner strength, to know what I could do with all the abilities that I have with me; even if, I don’t help others with my abilities I could surely use them for my personal growth. One major skill that I improved with doing CAS was know how to work with people and learned to bring people together for a better cause and to manage better. Even if I was not able to bring people together at times, it helped me become better analyzers, to try and find other alternative solutions when there are none left. These helped me to learn how to help me when no one could help me. (I know it was confusing but try and understand!)

The learning outcome that was most difficult for me to achieve was to see how things made sense globally and that there were ethical considerations. However, the easiest one or rather the one that I achieved without conscious efforts was to show commitment towards any activity however boring it was or could have been.

I enjoyed the whole journey of CAS and I would love to take the opportunity of doing such activities given my way, even latter in my life.

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