CAS Essay

Over these two years, CAS has been a component in IB that has developed me as a person and has contributed a lot to my personal growth. The journey of CAS has been an amazing experience and has given me a bag full of achievements and memories. I have learned many new things and well, have become a pro at it ūüėõ and that would have been impossible to do without CAS.

At the start, it seemed like an additional burden with all my academic requirements. However, later on, it was one of the things that brought excitement in my life and allowed me to know who I am. Creativity, activity, and service, these components have allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and helped me identify my strengths and weakness, develop new skills, initiate events, work collaboratively with people, stay determined towards my commitment, see ethical aspects as well as do something for global significance. It has changed my life to an extent where I have started to do things that I thought I could never do in my entire life.

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The most memorable, exciting and I-could-never-do-this activity was my group project- Garba Fest. I can say that this was my first ever event where I showcased my leadership and delegation skills, which I never knew I had. The fact that I even tried to taken an initiative by myself (with a friend) is surprising, looking at my not-such-a-leader personality. This activity brought out my inner skills into execution and helped me know myself better.

Through various activities, some known and some unknown to my life, I have been a risk-taker, inquirer, principled and have tried to execute activities that morally correct. There was a time where I had to behave in the way that doesn’t harm the feelings of the underprivileged or orphaned children, which required patience and caring nature, to a great extent I had it.

By taking part in the activities that I fear the most, I faced my biggest challenge. I had a commitment to myself that this year I would try to do things that I feared and I did. Activities, like anchoring at Kalakriti and conducting Hindi Assembly, have helped me overcome my Stage fear. This has taught me that only I can help myself to overcome my fears, which was a surprising thing to know. Throughout my life, I never aimed to try these activities just because of the lack of confidence in myself. However, now I realized that I can do whatever I want! And this was the major change in me.

Overall, CAS has been an amazing experience and I would like to take a part in these activities even after I have completed my CAS.


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