CAS Essay

The best activity in this academic year’s CAS was ‘cooking’ because everybody loved the food that my team and I had cooked and this was the first time I have cooked something which is considered to be delicious. Because of CAS, I was able to explore unidentified skills that I possess like leadership and collaborative skills, due to CAS I used the skills of a thinker when I had to design/create activities for the learning camps  and skills of a risk taker when I decided to play offensive even with a weaker football team. I learned things like how to manage/organize and conduct  an activity by conducting the basic English classes, before doing this activity I used to think it would be hard to work in a team although it is easy if we have the same goal and enthusiastic approach. Because of CAS, I was able to use attitudes like creativity, commitment and cooperation because I tried my best to  perform these activities in an efficient and creative manner although I was able to complete these activities with my commitment and cooperation from my teammates. CAS has benefited me in many ways  like helping me in developing more self-esteem and confidence by helping me to develop leadership skills although, the most difficult learning outcome to achieve was learning outcome number six because most of my activities were about exploring new areas and many of them did not have any global significance. I would like to continue doing new things even after CAS and that new thing would also include helping people to make this world a better place.

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