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Hi, my name is Swani and2016-05-05_20-53-43-1 I truly and strongly believe in this three concepts- Curiosity, Humanity and Karma. I love my country India because of its diversity in food, cultures, languages, festivals and rituals. My nationality plays an imperative role in shaping me.

I aim to do is stay positive and make others happy.  I do not like to see anyone sad, regardless of them being a stranger. Things that are important to my soul are the people I care about, family and friends. Yes, I believe in souls.

One can call me an Ambivert because the way I behave is situational. Sometimes I am quiet, especially with the people I don’t know. In contrast, I love to make new friends and know about different people from varied (especially lower) strata of the society. I am a sensitive, playful and caring person. My personality is such that I tend to empathise with people easily; it is a boon and a bane as well.

My life goal is to learn new things every day. Art is my passion and I even love to dance, listen to music and play basketball. Cute stuff like babies, puppies and little object fascinates me a lot! To Travel is what I want to do solely; knowing about distinct cultures, their life, struggles and their ideologies. I even want to try adventurous activities that require risk taking, and want to seize that small and amazing moments. That is my LIFE GOAL! Teaching is what I have started liking, and I have been taking every opportunity to pass my knowledge.

From the various issues that touch me, I feel most passionate about the labels and stereotypes that hold back our society. I wish to make a difference, small or big, which changes societal paradigms. One has to start with small steps to do something big and I actually hope that someday, I will be the reason to break a stereotype.

Being in the spotlight has always feared me. I turn down every opportunity I get to speak on stage. However, I intend to amplify my confidence through various chances that I get. Procrastination is the thing that I am working on by motivating myself and prioritising my work. I believe that change is constant, and one can positively change themselves the way they want to.

From various characteristics that define me, these are some things that make me who I am.

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