Activity – Dance

One thing that has always been a part of my life is dancing. Dancing brings me immense pleasure and is one of the activities I have always been complimented for. For my CAS I chose dance as a long term activity and formally learned new techniques and forms of dancing for two years. During this course of time I learned different forms of dance including hip-hop, Robotics, tutting, freestyle, whacking and salsa.

It was one of the most interesting things and well I was always the first one to reach the class. However we could only formally go to the class once a week which for me was very frustrating because it took too long to complete a song and practise is never enough. This really brought my morale down and sometimes we didn’t even receive this one class. However I always tried to put in extra effort therefore always practising when I was at home.

Out of all the dance forms, I was worst at robotics. I also tried to convince my teacher to remove this section however he made me understand that practise is important and if you try you could excel in this area as well. Our first official performance in front of our parents was on the song “sorry” by Justin Beiber. Many of us did mess up the performance a little but our teacher yet assured us he was proud of us as this was our first performance. I really enjoyed learning this dance form as I had been learning Indian and International folk dance for the past four years therefore performing on a new pop song was really exciting for me. There were some clashes between the students of my grade and the younger grade because of the differences in opinions and just the fact they were really different from us. Therefore it really took time for all of us to gel up and sometimes things are still awkward but adjusting and cooperation is what I have learned here.

Dance performance on song “Sorry by Justin Bieber”  (Me: front row wearing White Tshirt and red shirt)

Overall my experience for these two years has been amazing and my take away as a learner has been immense. I’ve learned new skills and forms making me a versatile dancer and I am also currently working on new performance encompassing all the new forms I’ve learned. I am really excited for the same and hopefully will demonstrate how much hard work has been put in these two years.



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