Math-Science Trivia – 2015

Maths-Science Trivia

This activity was a chance to reflect the prior knowledge learnt till grade 10. This was a very different and difficult activity for me to conduct and to make questions for the quiz with managing things for Grade 10 and Grade 9. Till this years we were asked to participate in the quiz and represent our school houses where teachers used to conduct and make questions for us but as we grew up and are in grade 11 a senior year the teachers and the school coordinators decided to let grade 11 and grade 12 make the competition tougher and take part in handling the activity by themselves.

It was a very unique activity to do, because this time we had to make questions and revive our prior learnt lessons to make the best out of what can be done to make a good competition. I also took help from the internet to find out more relevant questions. Everytime, I had to find a different question for both the grades from different topics which has to be tricky, it was very hard.   We had to work in a collaboration with grade 12 and with my classmates. It was my first to make question for the middle years or for the lower grades. I made and gave many suggestion to my teammates and few of them got approved, providing question for them was also a very difficult task too because it had to be easier to understand as they have limited time to guess and making the battle harder.

On the day before the trivia all the questions were organised and then the next day my classmates conducted and in front of a large audience we have to deliver the questions and had to cater the doubts also where we also have to control the audiences by not to disturb or prompt answer to the participant or to support them anyhow as this was a difficult task too. All went well and teachers appreciated the efforts we had put in.


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