CAS Essay

CAS to me was one of my favourite things in the IB because it helped me do something other than academics. Where we had to study all the time, CAS was a recreational activity that helped me get my mind of the pressure and struggle.

When I think of CAS, the first activity that comes to my mind is the farewell that I organised for my seniors which was my CAS project. I will never forget that experience because that was the first ever event I organised being the head and I enjoyed and learned a lot. The event required a lot of creativity and I am really proud of myself because of putting up that event successfully as my seniors did appreciate me for my efforts.


CAS has taught me a lot of things making me lot more knowledgeable especially me because I pursue to become an event manager in the future and CAS gave me an opportunity to organise and be a part of many events. It was just like becoming an event manager in the age of 17 and definitely I came to know that I am capable of being one. I have learned new skills throughout the process, from developing my personality to learning new skills in the areas I already have experience, CAS has taught me how to be a learner. With that I have also learned the importance of communication skills and definitely I feel I am a better communicator now. Almost all the projects I was a part of was collaborative work with my friends and sometimes even strangers which has challange me from with and taught me how to be patient and cooperative and also how to be caring towards your colleagues.

To be honest, I have rarely been a part of any service related activity in the past and personally I wasn’t even interested. But I had to go and experience those kind of activities because of CAS and still date now I have been a part many plantation activities, serving people with water at marathons, helping special children and in many have taken part in many more activities that I haven’t even included in my CAS report. Now I enjoy going to such events and this particular experience has taught me how to be open minded and always be a risk taker and step out of your comfort zone an now I know that yes life begins at the end of your comfort zone. However the most difficult outcome to achieve was LO 6 which is demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance. Mainly because not often did people propose activities that fulfilled this learning outcome and other than doing something for the environment, it was difficult to do something on a small scale yet fulfil this learning outcome.

The most important thing that I am taking away from CAS is that it has now given me a start, I am going to continue to organise and be a part of events because first of all I know and have experience and second of all I enjoy being a part of different projects from within now. For sure I am not going to stop just because CAS is over.

All in all, I really enjoyed the whole process of CAS. I feel it is a really good opportunity for oneself to learn new things and grow as a person and not only IB schools but even other schools should be a part of this. 

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