In March I was determined that I have to achieve an aim of mine which I had set months imgago; which was to workout in a gym for 5-6 months continuously. Before the month of March I was very lethargic and not committed to my workout schedule in the gym, but after I noticed that I was becoming unfit, I made up my mind that I will have to work out in the gym every day no matter what.

The biggest challenge I faced in this activity was ‘fighting with my laziness’. According to my schedule, I need to go to the gym at 6:30 pm, which exactly 45 minutes after I reach home to school. Well, usually after I come home I am completely exhausted and just lie around on my bed for about an hour. But now because I need to go to the gym at about 6:30, I need to freshen up, eat some snacks and pack my gym bag after I come from school. Gyming has not only helped me getting fit but also helped me release all my stress and frustration in form of physical workout. I was able to utilize my time in something better (such as getting fit) rather than wasting it in watching movies and TV shows.

There were many such instances that my trainer was busy with his other clients, but he used to instruct me the work pattern for the day; it was in my ethical considerations that I didn’t cheat or lie to my trainer about completing a task that I hadn’t done. I also made a few new friends who helped and motivated me in completing my workout, which encouraged a teamwork between us as we used to communicate and help each other whenever required. This activity thought me how to be extremely committed to your work no matter what costs it involves and also helped me enhance my teamwork skills.

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