Helping the special children

In the world around us we see a lot special children but we never tried to understand their situation. Recent enough I went to Shree nandan school where I  got an opportunity to help and understand them. Shree nandan is a school for helping these special children to learn new skills. A day before visiting this school i made a whole plan on what all are the activities which I could carry out with them it . Researching on this was quite a difficult task  as each child is different from the other so each child poses a different skill from the other.


On the day of when me and my friends were asked to visit the school we were all prepared. There we were first taught why are these children in this situation, what are the mental strengths they possess. Then each of us was asked to try to play with one of the special child. The most difficult part over there was to communicate with these children as most of the conversation depended on the actions as while describing any activity we were asked to first demonstrate it to them. However we still remained committed to our activity and we didn’t gave up. We even made sure that none of the children get hurt in any terms. The motive of this activity was also to aware people on a global scale to help such children ,don’t look down upon them,never hurt them in any terms.

In the end we worked very hard to make that children happy and enjoy that day .

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