Bon appetite

This activity was organised by french teacher for french students. In this activity, french students were required to cook some french dish. And as cooking  was a new thing for me, I decided to participate in  the activity . In this activity, we were required to help the french students in cooking so I was in zoheb’s team along with nikunj, jigyasa and dhyay. We as a team  planned  to cook a french dish which is well renowned .

A day before this activity we made a list of all the ingredients which we required. We also did a whole lot of planning and research about the dish.Then on next day in the activity slot we followed our procedure of doing the activity. We divided our works among ourself so nikunj was grinding cheese, jigyasha was frying the potatoes, dhyay was heating the bread, zoheb and me were decorating our dish this made most of over work easy and managed. However cooking was very challenging job  as because till the last moment we were changing the  dish and also we were running short of time and resources. It was really difficult to manage all those things and also we all were lacking in skills of cooking so it made our task more difficult. We also decide not to waste any of the food material,water or any of our resources.


There was also a lot of disputes in our group as no one acted as a leader and so the whole team suffered from that. And also at the end we wasted a lot of food material as we were also not able to manage our resources properly. In the whole activity however special care was taken that no one in the group is hurt or is give given less time to demonstrate his/her skills. But somehow we managed to complete our task on time but we were just able to cook about 6 pices of our  food item  Still our work was appreciated by teacher as well as our friends which gave us a motivation to do different types of tasks in different life situations.

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