One of the most important things that plays an important thing in my life is songs. Listening to music or rather singing them has always made me happy. To learn this skill completely I decide to learn singing in my AS slots. In this period of almost 6 months I learned to sing new songs at different scales and in different styles. However singing in all is a very challenging task as to match the scale of the sone catch the beats and then gather the confidence the perform in front of the audience.

But still it was the most interestings things that I’ve learnt so far. However our class was conducted only once a week which made it more difficult for us to excel in this skill. Despite of being made fun of by my classmates I decided not to give up on this activity and therefore I stayed committed to the task. The most difficult thing to carry out this whole activity was to match the scale of english songs as they are very different from typical bollywood songs and being an Indian to get that accent was quite challenging.

The first song that I along with my friends sang in our first official performance was “ stiches“ which is an english song by shawn mendes.However before carrying this performance I tried to convince my friends as well my mentor to allow us to sing a hindi song as I am very good at it still they asked me to practice more and develop this skills. My friends also took this initiative to practice along with me to help me. We also took care of things like allowing each member in our group to sing an important part of the song this also did not allowed any disputes to come in our way.

On the day of performance we were all very nervous still we as a team motivated each other to perform well. In the end our performance was quite well and was loved by most of our friends this made us even more confident to take up such activities in life.

link to the video 

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