Myself, Sahil Juneja  I study in fountainhead school. Being an extrovert i’ve always involved myself in a lot of activities whether itbe singing, acting or anything else. In terms of extra curricular activities I love playing any kind of sport whether it be football, basketball, volleyball etc however even though I am not very good at these sports I still love playing them and excel in each one of them. Like most other kids even I love playing virtual games as well so whether it be games on X-BOX, playstation, laptop etc I enjoy playing games on all of them.

However the only things I like after sports is watching movies . Movies have always been a great influence to my life I’ve learnt a lot of things from movies .The other things that have a great influence in my life is  my friends. They have always stood as a reality check mirror for me. However there are many areas where I am willing to  improve upon myself such as my physical strength and endurance , my eating habits and my commitment and confidence in carrying out any activity

From my childhood I was always willing to work in Film making industry . However lack of confidence has let me down many times in grabbing any opportunity of doing so. Still I’ve always carried a dream of entering that industry any give my best performance till date. Despite of all these things I am a very strong believer of keeping my opinion no matter what it is . However in order to achieve huge things in life I think I need to improve my speaking and listening skills.

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