“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.” ~Warren Bennis

logo2-13This was the second time that a MUN was happening in the school. After listening to the experiences from my fellow friends regarding the first MUN, I was keen to participate in the second MUN ‘FSMUN 2.0′. I was really excited, however, I have stage fear, therefore public speaking was never my cup of tea. I decided to be a part of the organizing committee. My role in the FSMUN organization committee was that of the head of the logistics and the finance department. In both the departments I had partners to share my workload and hence I was able to give justice to all my duties, hence, have a balanced plan.

My goal was to understand the process of how the departments run and by the end of the event acquire knowledge about technical details. In the finance department I was responsible for keeping a record of the payments made by the delegates (cash inflow) and to coordinate with screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-05-14-pmother departments and to make the payments of all the expenses done (cash outflow). In the logistics department I had to ensure that, on the day of the event everything is working smoothly and had to monitor the work done by the other team members. Working with people, being a manager, taking responsibility, making other people work is something that I can do, hence, I applied for the head position of the logistics department. After interview and the completion of the whole process, we were allotted our duties. I was quite satisfied with what was given to me. But there was not much scope to explore in that department. Later, due to some issues, they needed someone to take over the finance department, I was offered to do so, and I accepted it. I being passionate to learn something new and explore how the way things work at a major level, was very curious. To some level I love math and management both, therefore finance department was an appropriate option for me. I had to learn the how the account system works, because out of city delegates made tscreen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-04-52-pmheir payments through bank transfers, keeping the tally of each payment, contacting each delegate was a challenge for me. Simultaneously, I also had to keep a track of the cheque payments (submit those cheques) and handle the cash payments of the in city delegates. It was chaotic and tiring, because a lot of delegates had queries regarding the payment method and they used to even call at night. I ad to cater to each call. I took a little time to understand the process and the working already happening, because I joined this department halfway through and had to first understand the work already done. But the people with whom I was working were really cooperative, they gave me time and made me understood everything. The earlier finance department head was also very helpful, she forwarded me all the mails a and provided me with all the necessary information. Effective communication skills is something that I developed through this learning process. I had to do all the logistics work on the day of the event. I also won the best OC award for this. Overall, I was an amazing experience.


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