CAS Plan

Activity Components (C/A/S) Duration with start date and end date Learning Outcomes
OGIS Football Tournament 2015 Activity 8/12/2015 to 8/15/2015 Lo-1, Lo-3, Lo-4, Lo-5
“When in doubt Dance it out”-Kalautsav Creativity 10/15/2015 to 1/30/2016 Lo-1, Lo-2, Lo-4, Lo-5
The Time I was really Down to Earth Activity and Service 10/9/2015 Lo-1, Lo-2, Lo-5
CAS trip Naggar Activity 12/26/2015 to 4/2/2016 Lo-1, Lo-2, Lo-4, Lo-6
Tree Plantation Session at KV Central School Service 8/19/2016 Lo-1, Lo-5, Lo-6, Lo-7
Make a Difference! Spend a with special Kids!- CAS Project Activity, Creativity, Service 8/2/2016 to 9/3/2016 Lo-1, Lo-2, Lo-3, Lo-4, Lo-5, Lo-6, Lo-7
La Cuisine français!!- French Cooking Activity, Creativity 5/27/2016 Lo-1, Lo-2, Lo-4, Lo-5, Lo-6, Lo-7
Being A teacher for the first time!- Teacher’s Day Celebration Creativity, Service 9/5/2015 Lo-1, Lo-2, Lo-3, Lo-4, Lo-5, Lo-6, Lo-7

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